Friday, 5 August 2011

A smile is very cute, but the best mask too.

yea we were 'just' friends, you fell inlove with me for a long time, and all i did was push you away because i had you for granted. I was scared to fall for you, and knew you were always there. You kept telling me your the one i really fell inlove with, the one i will love forever and that you'll never leave me, even though i don't feel the same for you. Now a couple of months later, you couldn't handle me not loving you, and so you moved, left me on my own hanging. And reverse psychology began, in the end you were a liar, who fooled me with "his" words. Luckily i have megat amir danish :) Who would love me forever , Auch heeyy did i say forever ? Hm Yeahh forever . Right sayang ? :)

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